Omicron or Delta? Dr. Tony Leachon explains difference in potential symptoms


Published January 10, 2022 3:49pm

Is there a difference between Omicron and Delta variant symptoms?

Citing data from American and Japanese health experts, Dr. Tony Leachon on “Unang Hirit” Monday said Omicron has the potential to cause symptoms like fever, cough, and a sore throat.

“Sa pagaaral na Japanese at mga American scientists, ang Omicron kasi would spare the lungs,” Leachon said.

“Ang primary na anatomical organs involved ay upper respiratory tract — sa nose, nasopharynx, dito sa windpipe datin — at hindi sa baga,” he explained.

“Kaya ang presentation ng Omicron sa ‘tin ay fever, cough, sore throat at walang shortness of breath o headache. Parang flu lang siya,” he added.

Meanwhile, Delta is reportedly likely to cause loss of taste and smell, as well as shortness of breath.

“Sa Delta variant naman, ‘yung dating nag-dominate sa atin, ang presentation po ay more on ganun parin — fever, cough, sore throat — pero merong loss of smell at saka taste at meron po siyang shortness of breath,” Dr. Leachon said.

“Kasi nga ang propensity ng delta variant is to attack the lungs kaya yung mga nakalipas nating cases noong September-October nung kasagsagan ng Delta variant ay nai-intubate sila or nag-ve-ventilator,” he added.

Dr. Tony Leachon is the former president of the Philippine College of Physicians and former special adviser to the National Task Force against COVID-19.

He was interviewed on “Unang Hirit” as COVID-19 cases in the Philippines saw a new rise with a record-high 28,707 new infections as of on Sunday (January 19). — LA, GMA News


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