Jeepney driver gives away sayote for free despite struggling to earn income amid pandemic

Published September 23, 2020 10:06pm

A jeepney driver in Baguio City has gone viral for giving away free sayote to his passengers amid the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Darlene Cay’s report on “24 Oras,” Ren-Ren Jazarino, 29, has chosen to share his harvest with others instead of selling them for extra income.

This he did despite struggling to support his family due to the economic impact of the community quarantine, especially to drivers of public transport vehicles.

“Marami pong nangangailangan ngayon, ang dami pong nagugutom ngayon dahil sa pandemic po ngayon. Kaya ‘yun, naisipan ko lang po na ibahagi na lang po,” he said.

Jazarino said his family was able to survive the last few months by borrowing money from relatives.

Even now that he could ply his routes again, every day is still a grind as he has to pay the boundary for the jeep he drives. His seven-year-old kid also has to go to school.

Still, he did not hesitate sharing what little he could with others, precisely because he knows what it’s like to have nothing.

When a passenger posted about Jazarino on Facebook, his story touched and inspired many people across the country.

“Nagulat kami kasi simple act of kindness na na-appreciate ng mga tao,” said Myless, his wife.

“Maganda po sa pakiramdam,” he said. “Minsan parang tumatayo pa po ‘yung balahibo ko sa pakiramdam po na ganun.” —MGP, GMA News