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Traslacion 2019: The image of the Black Nazarene proceeds to Quiapo Church

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, January 9) — The image of the Black Nazarene is now on its way to the Quiapo Church in Manila City. The annual Traslacion started from the Quirino Grandstand and will cover a 6-kilometer-long route. The procession is expected to last for 22 hours.

Authorities are anticipating at least 5 million devotees will join the procession. As of 11 a.m., the Metro Manila police reported crowds waiting along the procession route, 100,000 on the Dasmarinas Bridge, 240,000 approaching Jones Bridge, 25,000 at the Lawton PCP station and 105,000 devotees at the Quiapo Church. The procession began at 5:05 a.m. 

The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) reported that around 578 patients from the crowd have received medical assistance as of 10 a.m., eight of whom suffered major cases such as lacerations, difficulty in breathing and dizziness. Three patients were transported to the hospital due to hypertension, fractures and chest pains while 131 devotees were treated for minor cases such as fainting, difficulty in breathing, lacerations, bruises, toothache and punctures.

According to the Manila Police District, at least 7,000 personnel will be deployed to secure the route.

The procession will pass through the following streets:

  • Katigbak Drive through Padre Burgos
  • Left to Taft Avenue through Jones Bridge
  • Right to Dasmariñas
  • Right to Palanca through under Quezon Bridge
  • Left to Quezon Boulevard
  • Right to Arlegui
  • Right to Fraternal
  • Right to Vergara
  • Straight to Duque de Alba
  • Left to Castillejos
  • Right, back to Arlegui
  • Left to Nepomuceno (counterflow)
  • Left to Aguila
  • Right to Carcer
  • Right to Hidalgo through Quezon Bridge
  • Right to Palanca
  • Right to Villalobos through Plaza Miranda

The following roads are closed to make room for the expected crowd who will participate in the Traslacion.

  • Southbound lane of Quezon Blvd. (Quiapo), from A. Mendoza/Fugoso to Plaza Miranda
  • Westbound lane of España Boulevard from P. Campa to Lerma St.
  • Katigbak Drive and South Drive (one lane accessible to Manila and H2O Hotel)
  • Northbound lane of Quezon and Mc Arthur Bridge from Bonifacio Shrine onwards
  • Taft Avenue from Ayala Blvd to Bonifacio Shrine
  • The stretch of McArthur, Jones and Quezon Bridge
  • Roxas Boulevard from Katigbak Drive to TM Kalaw St.

Both lanes of Quezon Blvd. (Quiapo) will be closed to traffic, from A. Mendoza/Fugoso St. and España Ave / P. Campa St. for southbound and from Taft Avenue/Ayala Blvd for northbound

The PRC said 12 medical teams are stationed along the procession's path and more than 1,000 volunteers are on standby. A medical emergency unit or tent hospital, a rescue truck and 50 ambulances are also available.

The Department of Health has also alerted all its hospitals to be on "Code White," which assures the readiness of hospital staff to respond to any emergency situation.


The Philippine Coast Guard has also deployed 31 floating assets in the vicinity of the Quirino Grandstand and on Pasig River. Medical personnel on rubber boats will also be available by the Jones Bridge that connects the Binondo district to Ermita. 



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