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New MMDA traffic manager eyes turning EDSA into 'moving parking lot'

Published December 5, 2018 7:57am Newly appointed Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic manager Bong Nebrija on Wednesday said he aims to address the traffic woes along EDSA and make it a "moving parking lot."

"My objective is let the traffic flow. We do not want EDSA to be a big parking lot. Kinakantyawan nga nila ako. Sabi nila, 'Oh, EDSA is a parking lot.' Yes, I will make it a moving parking lot so at least it will be moving," Nebrija said in an interview on Unang Balita.

"Ang EDSA hindi naman perfect engineered na kalsada 'yan. Madaming ano rin 'yan eh, shortcomings when it comes to engineering, mga splits natin, mga pagkalatag ng kalsada," Nebrija said.

He reiterated that bringing back discipline among motorists was one of his plans, adding that he wants to declare EDSA as a "traffic discipline zone."

"First we need to instill back the discipline among motorists na gumagamit ng EDSA, 'no? I've said na ang gagawin ko sa EDSA is declare it first as a traffic discipline zone," Nebrija said. 

"It's not about enforcement, it's about self-disciplining ourselves. You need to follow the traffic rules," he added.

Nebrija, who replaced outgoing chief traffic inspector Rodolfo Calpito, vowed to be stricter and fair in his new job as EDSA traffic manager, adding that he will not only apprehend traffic violators but will also educate them as to their mistakes.

"I will be strict. People have branded me as strict person in implementation ng road clearing namin. Pag mali, mali. We will be fair," Nebrija said.

The MMDA earlier expressed confidence that Nebrija would be able to address the perennial traffic problem on EDSA.

According to the agency, traffic on EDSA has slowed down from 19.37 kph to 16.14 kph this November.  —Anna Felicia Bajo/KBK, GMA News


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