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OFW comatose in Saudi Arabia after suspected sexual abuse by employer

MANILA - A female Filipino household service worker in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has drifted into comatose condition after suffering assault and sexual abuse.


The case of "Aida" (not her real name) was brought to the attention of Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello during his trip to Saudi Arabia to look into the situation of distressed Overseas Filipino Workers there.

Bello is leading a delegation of Philippine labor officials to discuss with their Saudi counterparts the process of straightening kinks in the OFW labor market there, as well as assisting distressed workers in expediting their possible repatriation.

The patient, "Aida", reportedly was able to point at her employer as the suspect when he showed up at the hospital. The trauma of seeing her attacker, according to Secretary Bello, caused her to lapse into a tizzy and nervous agitation.

She had just arrived in Saudi Arabia this July to work as a household service worker, but ended up in hospital in less than a month, the victim of unfortunate work conditions.

She was brought to hospital with various injuries and blood stains on delicate parts of her body.

Bello said: "The medical record shows she was assaulted. Her face was bloated and there were signs of hematoma indicative of sexual assault."

He directed representatives of the Public Attorney's Office to take up the case and lend legal assistance to the victim.

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