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Duterte declares ‘state of lawlessness’

By: Totel V. de Jesus @inquirerdotnet 05:22 AM September 3rd, 2016 President Rodrigo Duterte early Saturday declared “a state of lawlessness” or “a state of lawless violence” to counter terrorism and strengthen the campaign against illegal-drug trade.

Speaking in a televised interview, he clarified “it’s not martial law but it would require nationwide, well-coordinated efforts of the military and the police.”


“I have this duty to protect the country. I have this duty to keep intact the integrity of the nation,” he added.


“There will be major checkpoints,” he said.

Around 4 a.m. Saturday, Duterte visited the site of the explosion at the Davao City night market that had left 14 dead and 67 wounded, based on the latest police reports.

“This is not the first time Davao has been sacrificed in the altar of violence,” he added, citing there have been terrorist acts in the past.

He considered the incident a police matter, “not a war.”

He said such thing happened because Davao “is not under a fascist state. “

“Everybody can come in and out of Davao,” he said. “Davao is safe, there is no criminality here except terrorism.”

He ordered the police and the military to conduct searches and set up checkpoints in the city.

Asked for his message his Davao residents, he said “keep calm.”

“The government is with you. We will protect everyone,” he said. With a report from Anthony Esguerra/

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